A comprehensive analysis of the evolution of the blackhead removal method 6.0


  Nowadays, with the improvement of living standard, more and more women pay more attention to beauty. According to the data, 70% of women are troubled by blackheads. Blackhead, also known as blackhead acne, is mainly due to the exuberant oil secreted by the skin, which blocks the opening of the hair follicle. The garbage left in the pores becomes hard and black after oxidation, forming ugly blackheads, which are stuck in the pores, making the pores look thicker and larger, affecting the smooth and elastic skin.



Blackhead cleaning from time to time will have a variety of troubles, black spots on the nose like strawberries, affecting the beauty of the skin. The accumulation of blackheads makes the pores look very thick, the skin becomes rough, and the embarrassing situation of powder sticking appears in makeup. For healthy and beautiful skin, blackheads need to be removed regularly. Now I'd like to introduce the development process of the blackhead removal method.~

1.0 blackhead by hand

The earliest way to clean up blackheads is very primitive. When you see the black heads on your nose, you can squeeze them with your hands directly. Some dirty things will squeeze out of your pores, which will give you a sense of achievement! But there are a lot of bacteria in the nail, bacteria are easy to enter the pores, easy to infect.


2.0 acne needle pick black head

In 2005, acne needle appeared on the market. The main principle is to physically squeeze pores and scrape blackheads out of the skin, but it can only hang off one layer of the surface, which is not really removed. When you forcibly scrape out the blackhead, the skin will appear red and swollen. The dust particles in the air are more likely to mix with the oil on your face, and more and larger blackheads will be formed easily. At the same time, acne needle is relatively sharp, it is easy to stab skin hair follicle cells, skin cells appear peeling phenomenon after necrosis, blackhead residue will only develop more and more.


3.0 tear and pull black head stickers

In 2008, the rise of blackhead stickers was sought after by many women. It is easy to operate. It can be torn off at the black head of nose, and the black heads are stuck out. The effect of removing black heads is very fast. Although most of the black head stickers can quickly remove the black head, they will also pull out the sebum wire in our normal pores. The black head is just the point outside. The sebum wire is yellow, which is the sebum secreted by everyone in the pores. When combined, it becomes the sebum wire, which mainly plays the role of skin moisturizing and blocking the loss of water in the skin. So we often use blackhead patch to make the pores coarser and damage the skin barrier.


4 blackhead instrument

In 2014, the appearance of blackhead instrument brought blackhead cleaning into a more scientific and technological era. The working principle of blackhead instrument is to use suction generated by negative pressure to suck out blackhead. Compared with the first three methods, blackhead instrument has many advantages, which will not cause damage to skin barrier or bacterial infection in the cleaning process. But blackhead instrument also has its own shortcomings. Hard dry suction often leaves red marks on the face, which cannot be eliminated for several days. Regular use will cause skin to become loose and fine lines on the face. In the process of sucking off the blackhead, the oil in the pores will be taken away. The water and oil imbalance of the face skin will appear. The skin will become very dry and look dry, yellow and lusterless.



5.0 small bubble cleaning project of beauty salon

In 2015, the skin management project introduced from South Korea came into our life. The super hot cleaning project of beauty salon - wennil Welley small bubble pore purification management. This is the most professional and safe facial cleaning method at present. The principle is to use nano bubble water and vacuum negative pressure principle. By forming a vacuum circuit, the ultra-fine micro bubble and nutrient solution are fully combined. Through a specially designed spiral suction head, the ultra-small bubble directly acts on the skin. The ultra-small bubble is combined with adsorption. Under the condition of safety and no pain, the deep facial cleaning is carried out. Thoroughly remove all kinds of impurities, mites and grease residues from the hair follicle funnel, and make the hair follicle funnel full of nutrients, providing lasting nutrition for the skin, making the skin moist, delicate and shiny. The effect is obvious, but the beauty salon costs too much time and money.


6.0 household small bubble cleaner

In 2018, wennil Welley's little bubble cleaning and beauty instrument was launched to let every beauty lover take you home. Like the cleaning effect of beauty salon, it has strong suction force, and can be adjusted by human gear selection. The biggest difference between it and blackhead instrument is "wet suction". The vacuum negative pressure of the double air pump and the water circulation system bring out the dirt in the pores through the small bubble nutrition molecules. No harm to the skin, clean and replenish water at the same time, the whole face can be effectively cleaned except the nose. It belongs to a kind of household beauty instrument with light luxury and small capital. The beauty value online does not occupy space. At present, there are many small bubble cosmetology instruments in the market, which are too many to choose. After all, they belong to cosmetology instruments. We should try our best to choose products covered by insurance, which is more secure. It is the hard truth to be reassured about skin care.


  The above is the 6.0 evolution of blackhead removal method. Do you know which step you are still using to clean your blackhead? No matter how to clean blackheads, they have their advantages and disadvantages. The best way is to choose the right one for yourself. Finally, remind sensitive muscle friends to be careful when cleaning blackheads.~